About Us​

Founded with a resounding passion for music in 2000, Defenders Entertainment has grown into a dynamic and influential force in the music industry. At the heart of our multifaceted venture lies our Record Label, an embodiment of musical creativity and diversity. Over the past few years, our label has curated an impressive array of releases that span a wide spectrum of genres.

We oversee in-house management for record labels, youth charities, and production companies, while also extending our expertise to external clients like Scorcher and GRM Daily. What sets us apart? Our deep immersion in urban media, spanning from underground scenes to the mainstream. We craft dynamic media campaigns using mobile, online, TV, and social platforms, not just following trends, but setting them.


Established by Corey Johnson, a writer, producer, and label owner, this venture exemplifies an extraordinary transformation. Corey’s journey from underground rapper to a prominent figure in UK urban entertainment is marked by rapid expansion. Boasting five thriving media companies, strategic collaborations, and partnerships with notable artists including Akon and Dizzie Rascal, Corey’s influence spans the globe. His transition from Brixton to the helm of The Digital Holdings Empire underscores his forward-thinking strategy. Noteworthy is his instrumental role in producing Drake’s “One Dance” in 2016, further underscoring his pivotal contribution to shaping the industry.